..high end but cool bakery and sandwich shop.
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Pecan Sandies

A Destination

Nestled in the quiet, residential neighborhood of Provincetown's west end, Relish is a convenient stop on the way to the beach. A selection of breakfast sandwiches, coffee cakes, muffins and scones for the early birds. Delicious, perfect sandwiches, cheeses, sweets and cookies for an oceanside picnic. Coffee, iced tea, water and soft drinks - of course.

Roast turkey sandwich with cranberry-sage mayo.

Freshest greens.

Nothing fussy. Just the best ingredients available. Mesclun greens, quality deli meat, and your choice of healthy, fresh-baked bread.



Relish makes the best refreshing, cold gazpacho all summer long.

 Ab Initio's 20th Anniversary Cookies

Ab Initio's 20th Anniversary Cookies


Quinoa chickpea wrap with crunchy Asian slaw. It's delicious - and vegan!

Vegan... and delicious.

Relish offers a number of vegan, gluten-free, free range and organic options for you. 

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.

Too many choices.


What makes Relish a destination? Our cookies, cakes, panna cotta, key lime tarts, cream puffs, coconut macaroons, french almond macarons, pecan walnut bars, lemon squares, pistachio sandies, flourless chocolate pecan cookies, chocolate baby cakes... We could go on. Seriously.

Real all american buttercream frosting.